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“Lisa F. Jackson's powerful, brutal film is the closest most of the women will ever come to justice.”
– Entertainment Weekly, #986, April 11, 2008



  • “Documentary reveals the horror against women in Congo”, Australian Broadcasting Corporation 15-Dec-08
  • “Should Rape Be Considered a Weapon?”, Day to Day, NPR 19-Jun-08 (Audio)
    • It’s already thought of as a war crime, but now the United Nations Security Council is asking whether rape should be classified as a weapon of war. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad says he was inspired to speak on this issue by a documentary chronicling the plight of rape victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Madeleine Brand talks to filmmaker Lisa Jackson about how her film has helped to make the issue of sexual violence a mainstream conversation.

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  • NPR/BBC 17-Jun-08 (Audio)
  • The Greatest Silence Trailer 22-Oct-07 (Trailer)