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“The primary accomplishment of Lisa Jackson's documentary … is to expose the horrors of what is surely the world's most uneven gender conflict.”
– Darrell Hartman, The New York Sun, April 8, 2008

Reviews & Articles


  • “This brave, extraordinary film is in the great tradition of people like Casement and Morel, who tried to draw the world's attention to the Congo 100 years ago, and in the courageous tradition of all who've spoken up for the rights of women for centuries. This film will long endure. ”
  • – Adam Hochschild, author "King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa"
  • “A Voice for Rape Victims”
  • – Jan Goodwin, More Magazine, July/August 2008
  • “Don't miss this gripping documentary...”
  • – Candice Frederick, Essence Magazine, April 2008
  • “In this poignant and powerful documentary, director Lisa F. Jackson … persuades victims to break their silence and share their shattering stories.”
  • – The Week Magazine (film was “Pick of the Week”)
  • “Lisa F. Jackson's powerful, brutal film is the closest most of the women will ever come to justice.”
  • – Entertainment Weekly, #986, April 11, 2008
  • “The problem is that these Bad Stories From Africa are rarely told in any depth or told by Africans. “The Greatest Silence” attempts to turn that paradigm on its head by putting the victims and the perpetrators, of what is truly a modern Holocaust, front and center.”
  • – Dzana Tsomondo, Cool’eh Magazine (click here to read in full)
  • “Vet documaker Lisa F. Jackson offers a harrowing look at violence against women as a war crime in "The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo." Lensing is exceptional through this distressing and disturbing doc…”
  • – Joe Leydon, Variety (click here to read in full)